The Sevillaner: Colective exhibition

Lab Sevilla hosts until 9 May the collective exhibition of The Sevillaner, a project that started in September 2023 and has been growing ever since.

The exhibition features 50 covers by local artists or artists related to the city, each with their own technique and style.

The exhibition opened on 26 April and was a resounding success, there was no room for a single pin. From the very beginning the project was very well received and since then its popularity has been growing.

Whether it is because of its originality, the participation of renowned artists or because each cover appeals to a memory or a very intimate place of Sevillians, it is clear that The Sevillaner is here to stay.

Because of the success of the project and the brilliant management of the team that brings it to life, I am proud and grateful to be involved in an initiative like this and I look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Long live The Sevillaner!