The Onubenser: Huelva illustrated in the New Yorker style

Chio Romero

When in September 2023 the team at The Sevillaner asked me to do a cover for their project I said: of course! and I also thought: this has to be taken to Huelva! And while I was looking for a way to start The Onubenser I met Chío Romero, who in 2018 had already created a first cover for the fictitious The Onubenser and, moreover, was eager to be part of the project.

Together we started this movement that also aims to create a community of illustrators and artists around a common theme: Huelva in all its senses.

The project is aimed at artists who were born or who live or have lived in Huelva. The theme is free but always within the parameters set by the nature of the project. Places, customs, people, lifestyle, gastronomy, nature… etc. of Huelva.

Carolina Saiz

The project was presented in December in the Casa Colón, in the framework of the exhibition of Grafistas Onubenses and was very well received. So far 8 covers have been published, the three for the presentation of the project and then one every month.

Chio and I try to invite diverse artists to enrich the project and to show the variety of techniques and styles that are worked in the city.

Our aim is to end 2024 with a group exhibition of the works produced so far and then continue to add artists and covers to The Onubenser family.

We also have the covers for sale on our website from where you can choose home delivery or, if you prefer, come to our collection point in Huelva, in Galería Espacio O.