Sevilla Design Walk 2023 presents: Sevillaner – An illustrated Sevilla like New Yorker

In the heart of Seville, the project ‘The Sevillaner,’ driven by the Sevilla Design Walk, emerges as a unique expression of creativity paying homage to the iconic ‘The New Yorker.’ This collective illustration initiative takes local artists on an exploration of Seville’s charm through covers inspired by the distinctive style of the famous New York magazine.

What is Sevilla Design Walk 2023?

The Sevillaner is an editorial and artistic project aimed at capturing the essence of Seville through illustration, following the tradition initiated by ‘The New Yorker.’ This project is part of a collaborative movement that has emerged in different cities around the world, like ‘The Parisianer,’ and now, during the Sevilla Design Walk, ‘The Sevillaner’ takes center stage.

At its core, ‘The Sevillaner’ invites local artists and illustrators to visually reinterpret the city, expressing its identity, customs, and beauty through fictional covers. Illustration becomes a powerful means of communication, capturing Seville’s essence in a unique and creative way.

Each edition of ‘The Sevillaner’ presents a collection of these covers, offering a collective and diverse vision of the city. From iconic landmarks to everyday scenes, each illustration provides a unique and personal perspective, creating a visual mosaic that reflects the richness and diversity of Seville.

The project isn’t limited to creating illustrations but also aims to showcase these works in different formats, such as exhibitions and compilation books. Thus, ‘The Sevillaner’ becomes a collective celebration of local creativity, providing a platform for artists to express their unique vision of Seville and share that perspective with the community.

The Origin of the Style: ‘The New Yorker’ in 1925

February 21, 1925, marked the birth of an editorial icon, ‘The New Yorker.’ This comic newspaper, with its first cover illustrated by Rea Irvin and the emblematic character ‘Eustace Tilley,’ became a visual chronicler of life in Manhattan and a window to American culture.

Sevilla Design Walk

Sevilla Design Walk: The Power of Illustration in ‘The New Yorker’

Beyond its articles, ‘The New Yorker’s essence is revealed in its illustrated covers. From the mastery of Saul Steinberg to the contemporary vision of Olimpia Zognoli, the magazine has embraced artists who brought the pages to life with unique styles, leaving an indelible graphic mark.

In December 2013, a collaborative phenomenon started with ‘The Parisianer,’ a tribute in the form of fictional covers to ‘The New Yorker.’ This movement, spreading across various cities worldwide, comes to life through illustrations that capture the local essence, giving birth to ‘The Sevillaner.’

‘The Sevillaner’: A Local Reinterpretation

During the Sevilla Design Walk, Seville’s response to this trend not only adopts ‘The New Yorker’s aesthetics but also redefines the city’s visual narrative. With the participation of talented local artists such as Sergio García, Ana Juan, and Mariscal, each cover becomes a canvas telling the unique story of the city.

Collaborative projects like ‘The Barcelonian’ go beyond merely collecting illustrations. The exhibition ‘Illustrating Barcelona’ at the CASA SEAT in Barcelona, inaugurated on May 9, 2023, goes further, presenting 30 artworks that capture the city’s essence. In October 2022, the release of the first compilation book featuring over 100 covers reflects the consolidation of collective success.

The Promising Future of ‘The Sevillaner’ 2023

‘The Sevillaner’ rises as more than just a series of illustrations; it’s a collective look at the city’s identity. Each cover not only reflects art but also becomes a visual testimony of Sevillian life. What new stories and visual expressions will artists explore in the upcoming editions? Only time and creativity will answer these questions.

‘The Sevillaner’ not only celebrates Seville’s creativity but also becomes a dynamic homage to the city, promising to continue inspiring through the illustrated pages that lie ahead.

Seville Art: Carolina Saiz’s Unique Vision in ‘The Sevillaner’

Carolina Saiz leaves her distinctive mark on ‘The Sevillaner’ with a cover paying homage to Seville’s traditional architecture. Her visual interpretation captures the unique essence of Sevillian architectural elements, transporting viewers to the charming streets of the city.

In her participation, Carolina Saiz has successfully merged nostalgia for traditional architecture with a Sevillian touch, offering a fresh and personal perspective through her art. Her cover in ‘The Sevillaner’ is not only a tribute to the city’s historical richness but also a reflection of the constantly evolving creativity defining Seville.”