Get Lost Maps, Victionary & Carolina Saiz: Let’s explore the world in a fun way

Welcome to the creative journey with Victionary’s Get Lost map collection. In this expedition, we’ll explore all the connotations about creativity and design that define each page, guided by Victionary’s unique perspective. ‘Get Lost’ isn’t just a book with a series of maps; it’s a portal to a world where artistic expression and originality take center stage. Get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Get Lost, where each page is a gateway to limitless inspiration. It’s time to delve into this creative wonderland!

What is Victionary?

Victionary is a renowned publishing house specializing in books that delve into the intersection of design, creativity, and visual culture. Founded in Hong Kong, it has cultivated a global reputation for its innovative approach and commitment to excellence in presenting visually impactful content.

Victionary’s uniqueness lies in its ability to curate collections that transcend conventional design boundaries, encompassing everything from illustration and photography to typography and art direction. Their publications aren’t just books; they’re visual experiences that inspire and challenge creative conventions.

Through collaborations with both emerging and established artists, Victionary has managed to create a diverse catalog that celebrates creative diversity in all its forms. Whether through thematic monographs or eclectic compilations, each Victionary work is an invitation to explore the boundaries of contemporary design and discover new perspectives that fuel creativity and a taste for art.

What are the Get Lost maps?

Get Lost is a distinctive collection of maps created by the publisher Victionary. These maps explore a vision of creativity and design, offering a unique experience for those seeking guidance and inspiration outside conventional paths. Each work within the Get Lost collection acts as a portal to a world where artistic expression and originality are celebrated.

The special aspect of Get Lost lies in its approach to challenging traditional cartography, encouraging readers to lose themselves in the visual and conceptual richness of each map. Through collaborations with diverse artists and creatives, the collection offers a wide range of perspectives, from vibrant illustrations to innovative designs.

My experience with the project

As an illustrator passionate about visual art, I had the opportunity to contribute my creative vision to representing Seville and Huelva, two vibrant cities worth capturing through cartography.

In the illustrated maps I created for “Get Lost,” I immersed myself in the cultural and architectural richness of these two cities, capturing the unique essence of each corner. From the intricate alleys of the old town to the expansive landscapes of the province, each stroke aimed to convey the magic and diversity of this vibrant city.

My goal was to transcend mere cartography and create visual pieces that not only guide but also inspire deliberate exploration. Every detail, from iconic landmarks to lesser-known corners, became a starting point to explore the creativity and uniqueness of Seville. Ultimately, participating in the “Get Lost” collection was a journey in itself, where my maps became passports to unexpected visual and cultural discoveries.