A map for Gaza. If you erase it we will draw it.

A map for Gaza is a collective project in which illustrators from all over the world create their own versions of the map of Gaza as it was before, with the aim of honouring this territory that is being destroyed and the people who live there.

The project was published on 13 June on Instagram and Behance, and since then new maps have been added by illustrators from all corners of the world.

Under the claim “If you erase it we will draw it”, the project aims to bring the reality of Gaza to the world before 7 October 2023.

“This is a living project that will continue to grow as new maps by other illustrators are added. We want to create a collection of maps that illustrate the culture, the architectural richness, the gastronomy and, in short, the life that was in the Gaza Strip”.

The project aims to bring the reality of this territory closer to the ordinary citizen. “Few people know that in Gaza there were dozens of universities, water parks, football stadiums…. if you don’t understand what was there you don’t understand what has been lost”.

So far, more than a dozen illustrators have joined the project, which has been warmly welcomed, but it is hoped that many more will join the initiative for Gaza.